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Self-Awareness through DISC

Explore the 4 common behavioral styles and tendencies. Recognize your personal emotional triggers in communication in the workplace or at home. Topics include attitudes, emotional intelligence, positive focus and personal growth and accountability. This is a perfect starter class for anyone looking for self improvement tactics. Managing yourself is the first step to success! 

Leadership Development 

Managing other people can take all of your energy if you are not aware of the big picture, This class shows leaders how to spot strengths, weaknesses and motivation factors on their team. Topics include delegation, time management, building rapport, stress management and effective communication. Understanding yourself and who you are leading is crucial to being a successful leader. 

Engagement Factors 

Employee engagement, (or lack of) directly affects productivity at work. Many factors contribute to engagement and we often do not think about employee engagement until it is gone. This class helps participants recognize critical factors and motivators on the job. Engaging the New generation is going to be quite different than what has been done in the past but this class gets you ready for the challenge. 

Customer Service 

Internal customer service is just as important as external. Again, we concentrate on self-awareness and attitude first. Dealing with difficult people is not easy without understanding stress management. Participants will learn to recognize stress signals and be able to take an angry customer back down to a satisfied customer.




Presenter: Maria Grande Company: Grande Consulting Question: Why is it essential for leaders to have a heightened self-awareness and emotional intelligence level? Effective leaders can identify the emotional factors that contribute to the decision making process. More Information -